Breathe Deeply! Healing Stories For The Soul

by Patricia A. Burke
Audenreed Press

Breathe Deeply! Healing Stories For The Soul is a delightful collection of therapeutic and spiritually transforming fairy tales for adults and children (ages ten and older). Come explore the healing world of the imagination and meet magical characters like a little-boy prince who becomes addicted to his teddy bear and finds recovery with the help of a mysterious shaman, a young dolphin who finds healing from sexual trauma with the help of an angel, and a beast from the primordial ooze who must claim his own voice in order to remember who he really is.

Breathe Deeply! Healing Stories For The Soul is entertaining and healing for children ages ten and older, a “must read” for adult children from dysfunctional or alcoholic homes, adults in recovery from addictions, adults on a spiritual path and a valuable teaching tool for parents, teachers, psychotherapists, nurses, school counselors, social workers, substance abuse counselors, Jungian and transpersonal psychologists, and other healing arts professionals. (From the publisher)

Read a sample chapter: WILLIAM AND THE BEAR

You can also purchase Breathe Deeply at Barnes and Noble. Click Here: Breathe Deeply: Healing Stories for the Soul

Psychological Trauma and Addiction Treatment

Edited by Bruce Carruth
Haworth Press

Here in a single source, is an essential overview of trauma treatment for people in addiction treatment settings. Psychological Trauma and Addiction Treatment presents specific methodologies and techniques for clients in inpatient and outpatient addiction/mental health settings. The contributors–leading clinicians and researchers in the field–provide a comprehensive set of scientific treatment approaches addressing a broad specturm of trauma disorders. (From the publisher)

Patricia Burke has authored/co-authored three chapters in this ground breaking work. Her contributions include:

  • Psychological Trauma and Addiction Treatment
  • Enhancing Hope and Resilience Through a Spiritually Sensitive Focus in the Treatment of Trauma and Addiction
  • Counselor Self-Care in Work with Traumatized, Addicted People

Trauma Counseling: Theories and Interventions

Edited by Lisa Lopez Levers
Springer Publishing

Trauma Counseling is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary guide to the theory and treatment of survivors of a broad spectrum of traumatic events, including interpersonal violence, hate crimes, school violence, community violence, natural disasters, and war and terrorism. It is written by a Fulbright scholar who is internationally recognized for her work with traumatized populations in Rwanda, several southern African countries, Russia, and the United States. It also includes the contributions of researchers from the United States, Australia, Africa, and Europe. (From the publisher)

Patricia Burke has co-authored one chapter in this comprehensive work on trauma:

  • Addiction and Psychological Trauma: Implications for Counseling Strategies

TIP 57: Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health Services

Published by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

TIP 57 Cover

This timely manual assists therapists, clinical social workers, substance abuse counselors and other allied health and behavioral health professionals to understand the impact and consequences for those who experience trauma. It provides an in-depth analysis of assessment, treatment planning strategies that support recovery, building a trauma-informed care workforce, and clinician self-care.

Patricia Burke is a contributing author of this work.

Download a PDF copy or order a hard copy of this publication for free at:

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