Holistic Psychotherapy

Patricia has merged a variety of psychological, spiritual and creative arts into a process of psychological and spiritual awakening, healing and recovery that helps people re-discover meaning and purpose in life, build mutually empowering relationships, recover from addictions, enhance creativity, expand awareness, and embrace the deep stillness of being from within which all experience arises.

  • Refresh your mind, body, heart, and spirit
  • Combat anxiety and depression
  • Re-discover meaning and purpose in life
  • Enhance your creative process
  • Build mutually empowering relationships
  • Heal the aftereffects of trauma
  • Recover from addictions (either your own or a loved one’s)
  • Explore your sexual and/or gender identity in a safe space

Spiritual Growth Work

“When we are fully present to ourselves the light of who we are shines through and like a slow deep breath, fills the world with love.” –Patricia Burke

Embedded within the deep texture of our life stories are the gems of wisdom, truth, meanings, intentions, and purposes that are the threads of the woven tapestry we call spirituality. Explore your own personal spiritual narrative and engage in mindfulness, sensate focusing and breathing practices to help you expand the awareness of a spiritual presence in your life. As you expand awareness you will discover how those narrative meanings and the felt sense of presence can be allies in facing life’s challenges and add richness to your relationships, hopes, dreams, intentions, and purpose in life.

Circle of Meaning©

The Circle of Meaning© is a spiritual growth tool developed by Patricia to help people uncover the multi-dimensional nature of their spirituality and spiritual identities through mindful writing practices and personal narrative. The Circle of Meaning© will help you:

  • Deeply explore the themes of your spiritual narrative
  • Understand how spirituality can help you face life’s challenges and build resilience
  • Awaken to the fullness of your preferred way of being in the world

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness is a practice of non-judgmental awareness that helps people develop a different relationship to physical, emotional, and psychological pain and lessen suffering. Mindfulness supports and enhances:

  • Development of a witness stance
  • Acceptance and tolerance of strong feelings
  • Compassion for and acceptance of self and others
  • Resilience (ability to rebound from adversity)
  • Relaxation
  • Peace of mind

Patricia will teach you the basics of mindfulness, collaborate with you to develop mindfulness practices tailored to your individual needs and help you integrate those practices into your daily life.

Wellness Counseling

Wellness is a way of life oriented toward optimal health and well-being in the physical, emotional/social, psychological and spiritual realms.In addition to exploring health concerns, wellness counseling can include a focus on helping people engage in activities that provide meaning and purpose in their lives and spiritual practices that reduce stress, enhance a sense of connection to self, others and something greater, and promote emotional, psychological and physical well-being.

Patricia will collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive wellness plan that will help you move beyond coping with disease and distress toward achieving optimal health and well-being.

Video Conferencing

All you need for video conferencing sessions is a webcam, high speed internet access and a free Skype or VSee account. Video calls are free and secure.