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I am a psychotherapist, author, educator turned filmmaker. In addition to my clinical work over the past 35 years, I have trained thousands of psychotherapists, clinical social workers, addiction and professional counselors, and allied health practitioners in a respectful, non-pathologizing approach to helping people.

My mission as a filmmaker is to produce short documentaries that combine my skills and abilities in Narrative Therapy and Community Work with my passion for film as a multidimensional art form of storytelling. My intention is to create films that link people together through their narratives of lived experience within a broader social context and transport the viewer to new awareness and understanding of their own lives. Here is my current project:

A Different Kind of Trash Talk

This award winning short documentary links the problems of roadside trash to ocean pollution and climate change as it follows Joe’s litter collection initiative and his big ideas for world improvement called TAP (Toward Alternative Possibility). The filmmaker’s narrative and Joe’s story link up with the stories of others dedicated to cleaning up the environment and lessening the impact of climate change on our communities. These stories are woven together to create a rich, multi-layered narrative of hope and possibility for the planet.

The film also brings awareness to big ideas for world improvement and how linking people with the shared values of curiosity and compassion, instead of judgment, can help us become more fulfilled as global citizens.