MI in Tobacco Treatment

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MI in Tobacco Treatment: Resolving Ambivalence and Evoking Change Talk

Motivational Interviewing is a person-centered counseling style for addressing ambivalence about change and strengthening motivation and commitment to change in an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion. This session will offer a brief review of the principles and basic method of Motivational Interviewing, while emphasizing recent developments in MI and its application to tobacco cessation treatment. Participants will learn strategies for resolving ambivalence about change, how to recognize and respond to sustain talk, and how to evoke and reflect change talk.

Center For Tobacco Independence Annual Tobacco Treatment Training and Conference

Click Here for More Information and to Register: http://ptm.cvent.com/events/intensive-tobacco-treatment-training-conference-2014/event-summary-884974fa05c64adb91b0d20d775f6ef2.aspx

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